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Very good, this one.

I am leaving soon on a trip to the great deserts of Utah, which remain very wild. I will pass through some of the New Mexican landscapes that Lawrence loved. I love the desert. There is a place in Utah I particularly enjoy, called the Valley of the Gods - it is a name you will particularly appreciate :) It is a place that is holy to the Navajos, and a very wild landscape of red rock towers.

Btw, I hope you heal your rift with David Bentley Hart. You both have important things to say. Hart can be a bit arrogant, harsh, and moralistic, but he is a great man and his heart is in the right place. We must forgive people like that their foibles. And his uncompromising insistence on an elevated moral vision is an important counterweight to so much of the moral shittiness we encounter today.

And while I think your heart is definitely in the right place too, you sometimes veer too close to a kind of moral callousness, perhaps, in your - completely justified - disgust with modernity and yearning for a vitality and exuberance we have lost - forgive me for saying so, but it does seem to me that way. But you too have an indispensable message, too, that needs more exposure.

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Excellent. Resonated with me. Thank you.

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I particularly liked Lonely, lonesome, loney-o! Thanks for that. Really related to this post.

Yes the area around Taos and Santa Fe is magical. Only been once but it stays with me.

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